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Memory Training


We offer brain fitness and memory training based on the latest  research in memory and learning processes  of the brain. Our target learners are normal  adults predisposed to cognitive function and Mild Memory Impairment (MMI) who would benefit from training regiments, developed by Dr. Nita Dowlatshahi, based on years of research and experience in training and teaching. (Individual & Group Pricing Available)



We provide Individualized  tutoring  for all ages starting as early as five years old. Our tutoring in mathematics and logical reasoning gives our learners the competitive edge so that they can attain their academic goals. The “one on one” tutoring helps in developing personal relationship between the tutor and the learner which facilitates the process of learning and application of the learnt material.  With 30 years of experience in teaching and cognitive training our founder has developed unique approach to teaching. We tackle math phobic learner .We are confident in our methodology and we guarantee improvements. We are the top math tutors that you can find reaching to learners and students of any age. We encourage early childhood learning in mathematics and logical reasoning. The ongoing research suggests that early childhood enhancement training leads to better scholastic achievements later on. We  encourage learning through life based examples to reach all our students, from remedial to excelling ones.  (Pricing and Availability information)

Early Childhood Learning

Child Training

We offer early learning skills by employing the methodology of learning through play and role play for our young learners as early as 2 years of age. We provide learning materials through print and digital media to help your young learners to develop cognitive improvements and establish a solid foundation for creativity. Research has shown that early cognitive training leads to better scholastic achievements in later years.   (Pricing and Availability information)

Professional Training & Education

Business Training

We offer wide range of professional development in accordance with the industry  based curriculum and requirements . We hire cooperate experts to deliver the professional development courses.  we offer and   support quality continuing education, approved by respective industries and associations  in many areas. We offer corporate and group sessions. We can come to your facility to conduct training and seminars.   (Pricing and Availability information)


Training Paths

We offer wide range of proprietary  training material in print and digital format.  (Pricing and Availability information)

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