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“My training protocol is based on the latest research in the filed of neuroscience related to learning  and memory”

Our Story

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Memory training is a recognized technique in helping to delay memory impairment  stage of alzheimer’s disease. Nita Training  was founded by Dr. Nita Dowlatshahi in 2013 based on neuroscience research. Dr. D (known to her student, states: “I developed this unique  proprietary protocol , in memory training  help normal adults who wish to improve their neuronal pathways, which has been proven to help against memory impairments. Dr. Nita Dowlatshahi  is a neuroscientists with academic credentials from  Europe and USA. She has degrees in physiology, neuroscience, and counselling  from  King’s College University of London, Southampton University Medical School.  and University of California (UCLA).  

Our Approach

Our approach is based on the latest scientific research and 30 years of teaching diverse populations of learners. We believe that anyone and everyone  has the ability to learn. It is through directed training that  improvement in  cognitive functions can be achieved, irrespective of age and academic background. We exercise support, empathy and respect in trying to help our learners at any age to enhance, improve or continue excelling at their desired learning goal.  We excel at teaching  and training because, we tailor make our program according to each and every individual  learner, paying attention to his or her individual abilities and needs.

Our Vision, Mission and Goal

Our Vision

Our vision is to train our learners in a simple and enjoyable manner in areas that they wish to improve and excel. 

Our Mission

We are  dedicated to providing revolutionary learning skill protocol to reach  and motivate as many learners as possible.

Our Goal

Our goal is to train  our learners to improve their learning and memory  skills by providing “one on one” expert training and education. 

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